Why register as a Supplier on the BLSA Connect platform?

By registering on as a supplier, you immediately have FREE access to search online for national, provincial or regional contracts and RFQs. You increase your chances of accessing procurement opportunities within Corporate SA.

We also provide FREE notification of all relevant opportunities via the Contract Alert service in a sector of your choice (selected during registration).

Once registered, upgrade to receive contract alerts in a wider geographic area – saving you vital time searching online for essential contract information.

Contract Alert benefits include:

  • Business leads delivered
  • No online searching
  • Quick access via email
  • Bespoke profile
  • Flexible alert format
  • High and lower–value alerts
  • National, Provincial or Regional coverage

So many new opportunities every month focus your time on winning business – not finding it

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Online Contract Search

Search for relevant contract opportunities – The Online Contract Search allows you to search contracts in your chosen sector and throughout the rest of South Africa. Free of charge.

Contract information is updated 24/7 and there is no special equipment or software needed – all that is required is internet access or a mobile phone.

Supplier Profile

Publish your supplier profile to promote your company – promote your company to the private sector by publishing your company profile on the BLSA Connect platform. The Online Trading Platform (OTP) allows Corporate buyers to identify suppliers based on the goods and services they require. Supplier details within the OTP are accessible to the Corporate Buyers to ensure your business is visible to potential clients.

  • Learn how to put together a bid for a private sector tender from our resource centre.
  • Access to nationwide wide contracts that could give your business the stability it needs to thrive and grow.
  • Fast and easy access to private sector procurement opportunities.
  • Relevant opportunities delivered directly to you.
  • An effective, fast and free way to target the private and public sector markets.

The Online Trading Platform (OTP) – An open market where any type of business, no matter what size or type, can participate.