About BLSA Connect

BLSA Connect is designed to give meaning to BLSA’s campaign themed #Business Believe in South Africa. As part of this campaign which was launched in August 2017 in Alexandra Township, BLSA’s members undertook to deliver on six commitments in what they called, “Contract with South Africa”. One of those commitments was to support  Small Businesses.

The BLSA Connect designed to create market opportunities for Black Owned SMMEs through linkages and networking between large firms and SMMEs.  This initiative presents ample benefits for the country, for Corporate SA (large firms) and off course endless benefits for Black Owned Suppliers.

Benefits to SA Corporates (BLSA Members)

  • Access to a vast & diverse network of Black Owned Suppliers
  • Reduced procurement, production and distribution costs
  • Help achieve security of supply
  • Help improve BBBEE scorecard
  • Represent good corporate citizenship & help builds brand equity
  • Promotes cost savings through increased supplier competition

Benefits to Black Owned Suppliers

  • Enhanced Skills, standards and competencies
  • Access to procurement opportunities
  • Access to Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • More sustainable growth for Black Owned Suppliers
  • Brings more Black owned entrepreneurs into the mainstream
  • Acceleration of knowledge transfer and technology to suppliers
  • More diversified client base
  • Opportunities to innovate, upgrade and increase competitiveness

Benefits to the Country (SA Incorporated)

  • Represents good corporate citizenship
  • Promote social cohesion and nation building
  • Provides a means for corporations to foster inclusive economic growth
  • Helps create employment opportunities in the SMME sector
  • Increases investment in the SMME sector and thus lead to more economic activity and growth
  • A well-developed & thriving SMME sector leads to less imports (import substitution) and more globally competitive suppliers
  • Balance of payments benefits- local suppliers exporting capabilities
  • Development of local Business Development Support (BDS) service providers servicing SMMEs

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